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  • Thankful

The Thankful AI platform enables businesses to be more customer-centric by becoming service-centric. Just like a human support agent, Thankful routes, assists, translates, and fully resolves large volumes of customer problems across all written channels – email, chat, SMS, and social. Partnered with every major helpdesk, Thankful delivers AI agent services and business insights for the world’s largest brands, including Crate & Barrel, Ralph Lauren, Bombas, Pura Vida, and MeUndies.

  • Insider Insider
    Insider—one platform for individualized, cross-channel experiences—enables enterprise marketers to connect customer data across channels and systems, predict their future behavior with an AI intent engine and individualize customer experiences. Marketers use Insider’s platform to deliver experiences across channels like Web, App, Web Push, Email, SMS, and Messaging Apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, RCS) Insider was named […]
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  • Gorgias Gorgias
    Gorgias helps merchants leverage support as a way to increase sales. They are a leading helpdesk for Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce merchants where retailers can manage all of their customer communication & tickets in one platform (email, social media, SMS, phone). It’s powered with machine learning to automate up to 20% of commonly asked questions […]
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  • Endear Endear
    With Endear, associates can readily reach out to customers 1-1 or in bulk and share product recommendations.
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  • Talkdesk Talkdesk
    Talkdesk is the cloud contact center solution for innovative enterprises. Combining enterprise performance with consumer simplicity, Talkdesk easily adapts to the evolving needs of support and sales teams and their end-customers, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, productivity and cost savings. Over 1,800 innovative companies around the world, including IBM, Acxiom, 2U, Trivago and YMCA rely […]
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