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  • TruRating

TruRating is revolutionizing the way businesses gain insight into their customer experience. Our easy-to-use, multi-channel feedback solution is designed to track how customers feel about their purchases in order to gain unprecedented insight into the consumer experience. With real-time analytics and industry-leading response rates, businesses are able to make informed decisions that can transform their business. TruRating has partnered with the world’s largest payment companies and has collected millions of ratings from customers, ranging from global retailers to e-commerce sites. Founded in 2014, TruRating has offices in London, Atlanta and Sydney and is rapidly expanding. Learn more at

TruRating Capabilities
• Collect real-time, point-of-sale customer feedback
• Automated data capture and analysis
• Customizable feedback forms
• Configurable follow-up actions
• Built-in security and encryption
• Multi-language support
• Integration with existing point-of-sale systems
• Ability to display customer ratings on digital channels
• Analyze customer feedback to make data-driven decisions
• Access to ratings and reviews of other businesses
• Monitor customer sentiment and trends over time

TruRating Clients & Case Studies
TruRating works with a variety of clients from various industries including retail, hospitality, financial services, and more. In retail, retailers of all sizes use TruRating to collect customer feedback in-store and increase sales. By taking advantage of the real-time feedback, retailers can create actionable insights to improve their customer experience. Several retailers have achieved success after integrating TruRating into their customer experience. For example, one major U.K. retailer saw a 3% increase in sales and a 20% increase in customer satisfaction after implementing TruRating in their stores. Additionally, a large U.S. retailer saw a 17% increase in customer satisfaction and a 12% increase in sales after using TruRating. These case studies show the effectiveness of TruRating in the retail industry, and demonstrate the value of using the solution to improve the customer experience.

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    A solution providers that provides sales enablement platform and central hub for proprietary content and knowledge.
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  • Linney Linney
    We’re Linney – a creative shopper marketing agency. Powered by insight, we tap into the power of consumer emotion to create work that improves the shopping experience – helping brands and retailers drive sales both instore and online. With expertise across all communications platforms, we cover the entire marketing supply chain: ·      Insight ·      Creative ·      Ecommerce ·      Brand […]
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  • Evolv AI Evolv AI
    We use AI-driven experimentation and personalization to build true connections by continuously serving better user experiences. Our clients benefit from an unprecedented return on shopper marketing & promotion spend with the ability to evaluate millions of possible experiences to discover winners at an unprecedented scale and speed. Our Experience Optimization Platform supercharges the traditional experimentation […]
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  • Tradeswell Tradeswell
    Tradeswell is the operating system for real-time commerce. With the increasing complexities of ecommerce, brands need the ability to make faster, smarter decisions to grow. Our advanced platform harmonizes all of your data, surfaces AI-derived performance insights, and unlocks cross-channel collaboration to empower brands to make the choices required to deliver growth and profits. Tradeswell […]
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  • TokyWoky TokyWoky
    TokyWoky is the community platform for retail and online brands. L’Oréal, H&M, Leroy Merlin and many more use TokyWoky to launch and grow their customer community for loyalty, UGC, advocacy and insights. Turn passionate customers into advocates and maximize their impact across the customer journey.
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