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  • Upfluence

Tell a better brand story & drive more revenue from influencers

  • Find and recruit creators who are a good fit for your brand and your audience. Identify customers with a strong social media following to activate them for your affiliate programs and turn content creators into legitimate brand ambassadors.
  • Manage all of your influencer relationships in one place and follow each stage of your collaborations. Build long-term partnerships and create your more authentic content to win your audience’s trust.
  • Stay on top of your creator content game with automated campaign management. Build custom workflows, generate individual affiliate links, issue custom coupon codes, manage product seeding, and simplify creator payouts.
  • Stop struggling with influencer payouts. Send payment requests in just a few clicks to easily collect invoice and tax documents. Easily access all payment documents and never miss another payment deadline with payment status tracking.
  • Measure your campaign’s success with advanced analytics. Calculate your ROI, total earned media value, impressions, and reach and view a summary of all media engagements. Keep track of overall campaign performance and individual influencer sales with tracked links and native e-commerce integrations.
  • Integrate your marketing stack. Connect all of your daily tools to manage every aspect of your influencer campaigns in one place.
  • Sideqik Sideqik
    Sideqik lets brands seamlessly quantify Influencer ROI and increase revenue
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  • Traackr Traackr
    Traackr provides a complete software for managing all aspects of influencer marketing programs and delivering exceptional results.
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  • Peg Peg
    Influencer marketing software for performance-driven companies.
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  • Post for Rent Post for Rent
    A collection of solutions designed to cater to all your influencer marketing needs.
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  • Aspire Aspire
    The influencer marketing platform for high-growth ecommerce brands.
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    Social commerce, collaborations & community growth for modern brands and influential creators
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