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  • Veraset

Veraset is trusted by over 100 product, data, and analyst teams across Fortune 10s, top telecoms, cutting edge startups, and financial services. Veraset’s “Movement” and “Visits” population movement datasets contain billions of rows of anonymized mobile device location data. Geospatial use cases include retail footfall insights, real estate site selection, advertising personalization and measurement, population movement modeling, GIS, and dozens more. Unlike other providers who rely on limited data sources, our data is diversified across hundreds of sources to maximize quantity and quality. If teams in your organization leverage or want to leverage first or third-party geospatial, demographic, or other data, Veraset can enrich or seed your innovative solutions as your data supply partner. Subscribe to our country level data feeds and receive daily updates, plus historical data available from 2017.

  • Open Influence Open Influence
    Open Influence is a marketing company that helps brands and advertisers engage and grow their desired audiences through social media.
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  • Post for Rent Post for Rent
    A collection of solutions designed to cater to all your influencer marketing needs.
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  • Upfluence Upfluence
    Find creators for your brand, nurture influencer relationships, manage your affiliate network, and drive more sales with the leading influencer marketing platform.
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  • Awin Awin
    With twenty years of experience, our network offers a global community of people, technology and business intelligence insights. No matter what type of partner, level of service, or tools your business needs, Awin provides solutions to drive sustainable growth. Part of the Axel Springer and United Internet Groups, with ShareASale and Commission Factory, Awin’s global […]
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  • ZineOne ZineOne
    In the realm of digital transactions, predictive responses need to be immediate, relevant, and accurate. ZineOne’s Real-Time Marketing platform enables businesses to understand and deliver a contextual experience for their prospects and customers to influence desired outcomes. Powered by Customer DNA™, ZineOne’s platform has enabled its retail, telecommunication, and hospitality customers to realize over $1 […]
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  • Google Google
    This major technology company offers many opportunities for brands and retailers including Google Lens, Google Assistant, Google Maps Platform, Google ARCore
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