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  • WAIR

In apparel eCommerce, 35% of carts are abandoned due to size confusion and 72% of returns are due to improper size and fit. WAIR’s virtual fitting room is built atop the world’s largest and exclusively owned 3D body dataset. With just 4 clicks a shopper’s body is predicted, and their best fitting product is recommended. WAIR’s Insights Dashboard reveals a shopper’s body data and purchasing journey helping your brand optimize product design, size run ratios, and marketing strategies.

  • Olvin Olvin
    Olvin is a revolutionary solution provider to the retail and real estate sectors, offering a self-serve platform to democratize access to world-class foot traffic analytics. Powered by years of historical data and cutting edge AI & ML techniques, our platform provides instant and affordable predictive insights to help businesses make informed decisions. Our data products […]
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  • Aspire Aspire
    The influencer marketing platform for high-growth ecommerce brands.
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  • Grin Grin
    GRIN is an all-in-one creator management platform
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    WAIR size and fit solutions have proven to reduce returns and increase conversion, cart value, and shopper confidence.
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