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Wearisma is a solution provider to the retail sector that helps brands and agencies increase the effectiveness of their influencer marketing ROI. With our user-friendly software, intelligent and independent data and actionable insights, we have been powering global brands like New Look, Coty and more since our inception in 2015. Our solutions allow marketing professionals to develop impactful influencer strategies, evaluate the effectiveness of influencer partnerships, and increase brand equity.

Wearisma Capabilities
• Social media monitoring: Track conversations about a brand or topic on social media
• Influencer marketing: Discover and engage with influencers on social media
• Campaign management: Keep track of influencer campaigns
• Data visualization: Visualize insights from social media data
• AI-powered insights: Generate analytics and insights from social media data
• Automation: Automate manual processes for influencer marketing
• Reporting and analytics: Generate reports for brands to measure the ROI of their influencer campaigns
• Platform integrations: Connect to third-party platforms for better insights and reporting

Wearisma Clients & Case Studies
Wearisma works with a variety of clients across a range of industries, including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and luxury. Our clients range from established global brands to small independent retailers. Our clients often leverage our platform to analyse social media conversations, track influencer marketing campaigns, and measure the impact of their digital PR activities. As an example, one of our retail clients, a leading U.S. department store, was able to identify influencers in their target audience, track competitor activity, and measure the success of their campaigns. By leveraging our platform, they were able to increase their reach and engagement with their target audience, resulting in significant ROI.