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  • Xiatech

Xiatech are experts in modern system integration that dramatically accelerates time-to-insight and business transformation, as well as extending the value of legacy technology investments.

Xiatech’s Hyper-Integration platform delivers value in just weeks because it is the first to provide real-time system integration, continuous intelligence, process automation and analytics in a single solution.

Xiatech’s platform is used by digital leaders who recognize that in order to accelerate business transformation, real-time interactions of systems and data are key. Their AI-enabled platform creates growth through digitally connecting composable systems, unifying siloed data into a single view and empowering people via enhanced analytics, insight-driven decisions and automated processes. This modern way of working is possible because Xiatech pioneered and leverages Hyper-Integration techniques and tools.

Headquartered in London, UK and their clients include Reiss, Life Style Sports, Flying Tiger, Fitflop, Db Journey, G-Star and many others.

  • Yotpo Yotpo
    With the most advanced solutions for SMS marketing, loyalty and referrals, subscriptions, reviews, and visual UGC, Yotpo helps brands accelerate their growth by enabling advocacy and maximizing customer lifetime value. With Yotpo, brands can effectively leverage social proof to increase trust and sales, cultivate loyal customer advocates, boost recurring revenue, engage shoppers on top engagement […]
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  • Texel.Moda Texel.Moda
    Texel.Moda is AI-backed size advice and virtual try-on widget for fashion eCommerce based on the largest dataset of colour 3D scans from our scanners sold to over 30 countries. Based on extensive A/B testing with one of the largest global brands, our solution demonstrated a 10% overall conversion uplift, an 18% decrease in returns. Our […]
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  • Taggstar Taggstar
    Taggstar is the leader in enterprise social proof messaging for brands and retailers. Our social proof messaging surfaces real-time shopping trends and is proven to increase conversion rate uplift and sales, driving ROI for retailers. We have driven 14% conversion rate uplifts for customers. Our algorithms collect real-time shopping data directly from retailers’ own sites. […]
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  • Pimberly Pimberly
    Pimberly, a true cloud-based SaaS Product Information Management (PIM) platform which benefits manufacturers, distributors and retailers in the process of managing the product information sold through various distribution channels. A PIM system helps to simplify and automate the import, workflow, management, enrichment and publication of detailed product information tailored for each channel. The business benefits of […]
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  • OpenSponsorship OpenSponsorship
    OpenSponsorship is the largest and smartest two-sided global marketplace for sports sponsorship, making it easy for all brands to partner with athletes, teams and events. Our mission is to make the $60B sponsorship industry more accessible, transparent and data-driven.
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  • Nextail Nextail
    Nextail is a new-generation SaaS platform for fashion and collection-based merchandising. Leveraging advanced analytics and AI, Nextail empowers brands and retailers to sell more with less stock through hyper-local demand forecasting and agile process automation. Founded by fashion retail experts in 2014, Nextail calls more than 25 global retailers customers, including major fashion brands such […]
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