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  • Zycada

Zycada customers confirm that by accelerating the dynamic content and reducing latency by 500-1500ms, this results in a dramatic boost in business KPIs like top-line revenue, average order value, and most importantly conversion rates. Every online retailer is losing customers to latency, it’s just a matter of how much. Amazon said that every 100ms of latency cost them 1% in sales. The bulk of the eCommerce business logic that causes latency (and impacts customer engagement) is non-cacheable dynamic content. Yet many merchants are still trying to leverage CDNs to speed up their static, as well as dynamic content. CDNs are great, but were primarily built to manage static asset delivery using caching technology. Zycada was built to accelerate dynamic content using bot technology at the edge. We can manage static content as well, or we can work alongside a legacy CDN. Zycada powers some of the most successful eCommerce leaders across the globe. We have powered trillions of transactions and our edge platform is fully compliant, built with one mission in mind — enable our customers to deliver the best online experience.

  • LiSA
    LiSA offers a range of social commerce solutions, including shoppable livestreams and interactive product demonstrations.
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  • Wearisama Wearisama
    Wearisma is an AI-driven fashion intelligence platform that enables brands to understand and engage with their customers in real-time.
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    VST is a cutting-edge technology solutions provider to the retail sector, specializing in helping brands and retailers win with shoppers. Using technology, research methodologies, data science, and machine learning, VST has built a suite of retail solutions that enable brands and retailers to test and validate new ideas, predict performance, and influence the shelf. Their […]
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  • Tenzo Tenzo
    Tenzo is helping to make faster, smarter decisions and improve communication and gross margin.
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  • StorIQ StorIQ
    StorIQ is a retail intelligence platform that helps retailers make data-driven decisions to maximize growth and efficiency.
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  • Spirable Spirable
    Spirable is a pioneering creative performance platform that enables brands and agencies to unlock the power of data-driven video marketing
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