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A PSFK Guide to Brand Activation, Retail Sales & Doing Business in the Metaverse & Virtual Worlds

Understand the long-term impact of virtual spaces on retail, marketing, and beyond with this talk that unpacks consumer sentiment and highlights emerging trends supported by emerging examples of innovation.

The idea of the metaverse has captured the attention of brands, retailers, media companies, marketing agencies, and technology platforms. Pioneering business leaders, Investors, and entrepreneurs see new opportunities to stake their claim in an as yet-to-be-defined space that promises to revolutionize the internet and what it means to be online and completely change the way people work, play, and shop.

During this 1 hour webinar, PSFK iQ researchers will help frame how our audience understands and thinks about the metaverse by unpacking consumer sentiment to identify key insights and looking at the experimentation taking place to highlight emerging trends in retail and marketing, as well as the tools and services underpinning the virtual economy. They’ll also talk to experts to get their POV on the meaningful opportunities and innovations in the metaverse space.

This session includes:

– Presentation of key insights from new PSFK Research

– Expert discussion with Liz Bacelar of Estée Lauder Companies and Alan Smithson of MetaVRse

Liz Bacelar of Estée Lauder Companies

Our expert brand-side speaker on the webinar is Liz Bacelar. Liz is the Global Executive Director of Innovation for Estée Lauder Companies, powering NFT, Metaverse and emerging tech opportunities for their 30+ brands in the US, China, Europe and LatAm. Prior to her career in beauty, Liz was credited with powering the evolution of “fashion and tech”, connecting technologists and executives through her consultancy and global industry events.

Alan Smithson of MetaVRse

Also joining the conversation will be Alan Smithson from MetaVRse, a universal, web-based 3D creation platform that enables anyone to leverage the power of spatial computing. With MetaVRse’s proprietary, code-optional web platform, retailers and companies can easily create and share interactive 3D experiences instantly. By harnessing the power of billions of devices from a one-click publish, MetaVRse is helping build an open, universal and democratized Metaverse.


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