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A PSFK Guide to Marketing, Engaging & Selling to Gen Z with experts at NRG eSports, SXM, Shutterfly

The role of the brand, the need for retailers in a world where the consumer is the creator. A special webinar from PSFK.

Gen Z, the first truly digitally native generation, are used to moving seamlessly between the online and offline worlds, freely expressing themselves across platforms and in real-life interactions. Generation Z has come of age during an unprecedented period of technological evolution, demographic shifts, and changing cultural norms.

In this webinar, PSFK iQ researchers look at how this generation is a central driving force for so much of the change. A unique freedom allows them to view the world through a unique lens, making creativity and open-mindedness second nature and rendering old constructs and binary norms irrelevant. Gen Z will also challenge the very notion of a brand and the need for retailers.

In an earlier study about this generation, we focused on how brands and retailers needed to adapt to engage and serve this audience. However, the new experiences being built now not only cater to Gen Z, but they are being built by Gen Z in their own vision.

This livestream is designed for all brand and retail change makers to help them understand and connect with a generation that is able to adapt to new tech and is simultaneously creator and consumer. We will learn about their values that can be highlighted with buzz words like authenticity, transparency, empowerment, customization and personalization.

Our free to watch livestream will spotlight on key topics:

-DAOs as digital coops with distributed responsibilities and egalitarian ambitions

– NFTs that offer new forms of community ownership

– Blockchain tech which is predicated on a publicly available general ledger offers new levels of transparency

– AI tools that allow for personalization at scale

– New ways of working that embrace more flexible, and ‘human’ approaches to work have broken out of the strictures of the 9-to-5

Speakers include:

Piers Fawkes is the founder of PSFK and Retail Innovation Week. More info here:

Lauren Lyons is a Senior Strategist at PSFK and author of the iQ report behind today’s presentation.

Lauren Chesley is the Retail Head of Industry at SXM Media where she leads strategy and development.

Anthony Onesto is Chief People Officer at Suzy, and a leading expert and published author on culture, human resources, and talent.…

Amanda Howe is an expert partner in Bain and Company’s Consumer Products and Customer Strategy and Marketing practices.…

Stanley Lumax is the Chief Marketing Officer of NRG esports, a Los Angeles-based professional gaming and entertainment company.

Michael Abata leads brand, retail and product partnerships at Shutterfly where he is helping accelerate the company’s transformation in the on-demand and custom design space.

** Ultimately within this webinar and the associated research report, the leading researchers at PSFK will provide an audience of brands, retailers, agencies and solution providers with a framework that helps them to make sense of this new landscape, with guide posts around brand experience transformation and ways in which they should continue to evolve in order to engage with this new generation of consumers.