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How To Be A Brand That Audiences Love

Betaworks creative director James Cooper says that brands that act as builders can succeed by attracting like-minded audiences



Brands know that building tech is cool but they don't do anything about it. Not seriously.

If they were smart, they would know that actually being a builder is the best way to market yourself to this new audience that loves builders.

It's the difference between having a closed mindset and an open mindset. It's what the author Henry Timms would say, “Old power thinking versus new power thinking.” It's a little bit more about being open. It's a little bit more about being authentic. You've got to be authentic to be a builder. You can't just make it up. You've got to be it from day one.

If you are a builder then you have some respect. You have something that you can play on.

Filmed at PSFK’s CXI 2018 conference: