Smartkapp is a whiteboard that saves its content and shares it on demand

Whiteboards are a daily part of creative and corporate life: a space for brainstorming, project management and preliminary work. They’re an upgrade from chalkboards for ease-of-use, and from legal pads for sharing with co-workers, but still suffer from a key limitation. Once the work is done, somebody has to transcribe all the notes from the board to a usable electronic format.

Smartkapp aims to automate that process. This 42″ electronic whiteboard acts as a scanner/camera that can take a snapshot of whatever is drawn on the board and send it to any smart phone or tablet via a paired app and Bluetooth connection. This allows whoever is “driving” a meeting or brainstorming session to both save work in real time and to invite participation from people who can’t be in the actual room.

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