Sara Schiller, co-founder of MEET, spoke at PSFK about the inception of her company and how to foster creativity among the corporate mindset

MEET seeks to foster an environment that makes business executives physically comfortable, yet pushes them outside of their metaphorical comfort zones; that’s where creativity happens. All their locations are furnished with soft furniture, and populated with provocative art and tchotchkes curated to break apart boundaries and encourage alternative ways of thinking.

MEET is more than just a space, it’s an ethos; one that encourages community-building by involving itself in the local environment – the storied and charactered Lower East Side. By hosting open-public events and featuring local artists, the space goes beyond somewhere to meet and explores the effect your surroundings can have on your corporate mindset.

If you’re in New York, forget the soporific boardroom, head to Christie Street in the Lower East Side instead.

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