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Emilie Baltz, Food Designer: How The Eating Experience Can Unlock Hidden Creativity

In this video, Emilie Baltz talks about her year of experiences using food to inspire new ideas.

Emilie Baltz returned to the stage at PSFK CONFERENCE 2014 to talk about how she has evolved her passion, food design, off of the pages, since the publication of her  L.O.V.E. FOODBOOK last year. The resounding success of her book has provided opportunities to collaborate with artists and musicians around the world. She explores the question ‘What happens when our visual relationship to what we eat changes,' in various projects-that lead to some interesting experiences and adventures.

Baltz believes it is important to explore different dimensions of taste. She has opened a provocative bar at the Museum of Sex in New York where she co-created two signature drinks — one that must be licked up, rather than drank, curated an interactive dining experience, and fashioned  a food design program at The School of Visual Arts. Baltz belives food experiences stimulate both individuals, and the collective, and reminds us to be aware of the important relationship between desire and cuisine.

Watch Baltz’s entire talk below and check back throughout the week as we share more presentations from the inspirational day.

LOVE FOODBOOK // @emilie-baltz

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