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Our Everyday Routine Demands Mindful Practices

In the chaos of an over-saturated world, how can you find and maintain mindful practices?

Sascha Lewis, founder of Flavorpill, captivates the audience at PSFK 2015 with a talk about the power of presence in an overstimulated world. Lewis illustrates why and how we can bring mindful practices into our everyday routine for a healthier live, work, play balance.

The majority of modern professionals are highly addicted to being busy; we can’t sit still without thinking about emails, next week’s assignments and plans to be made. Within this incredibly fast-paced ecosystem, society as a whole is undergoing a cultural shift in which we yearn for deeper human connection. Lewis goes onto explain that finding presence has scientific returns on our overall well-being and happiness, from stronger immune systems to better social relationships to reduced levels of stress.

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PSFK 2015