Gadi Amit, president of NewDealDesign, believes there is a whole range of human creativity and intelligence to be tapped in to that is not that obvious and speaks on it at PSFK Conference San Francisco

While modern technology demands creative solutions to difficult problems, Gadi Amit, president of NewDealDesign LLC, believes there is a whole range of human creativity and intelligence to be tapped in to that is not that obvious. Speaking at PSFK CONFERENCE SAN FRANCISCO, Amit elaborated on his concept of ‘The Wisdom Of The Hand’ whereby intuitive ‘hand-drawn’ solutions to problems can often rival precise scientific calculations in effectiveness and accuracy.

Amit sites, for example, the dome of the Pantheon in Rome, which is a highly complex concrete dome spanning 140 feet across made ‘by hand’.  The quality of the concrete used in its construction is so high, that modern concretes only finally reached that quality about 20 or 30 years ago. Furthermore a modern construction company would still have great difficulty creating such a dome. Another example he gives is the first propeller milled at a lathe in a carpentry shop by the Wright brothers on their first flight. This hand-made item functioned at 75% efficiency, while the most advanced propellers designed on computers and tested in wind tunnels function at only around 85%.

At NewDealDesign, Amit uses this approach to arrive at new and intuitive solutions to design problems. His design process involves first breaking the main problem into sub-problems, then in to details, which ultimately leads to a solution. He designed, for example, a simple camera where the shutter button sits exactly at the center of gravity of the device in order to minimize shaking, and a device to stream video from your phone to TV that conveniently clips on to the side of your TV via magnets. Amit stresses that all of the design solutions at NewDealDesign have stemmed from simple intuitive hand drawn sketches, and that it is this instinctive creativity that drives the purpose of the final product.