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Gen Z Expects Brands To Be Purpose-Led And Values-Driven

Meredith Ferguson informs brands that in a world that is becoming more commoditized, stewardship can serve as a major differentiator, especially amongst young people of color



They're saying, “Yes, brands. You need to be more than just about profit when you need to stand for something, not just make stuff.”

They're also saying price and quality still matters. I don't want anyone walking out of here thinking that's the only thing they care about because that is simply not true. They certainly are mindful of these very basic product attributes but, in a world where everything from laptops to potato chips are becoming commoditized, stewardship and purpose can really be a powerful differentiator. This is particularly true of young people of color.

You see that 67 percent of young people in total here are saying they sometimes or often buy products solely because they want to provide support for the brand alignment or values alignment whereas people of color are saying that to 76 percent for blacks and 71 percent for Hispanics. It's particularly important among those demographics.

Filmed at PSFK’s CXI 2018 conference: