Italian design student creates cheap heating alternative

Egloo is a candle-powered heating device that uses terracotta to store heat and release it gradually instead of using electricity. Named for its resemblance to the shape of an igloo, Egloo has four main pieces: the base, the grill and two domes. The user positions four candles on the base, lights them and adds the grill which is then covered by two domes. The device is ready to go in as little as five minutes.

Egloo is rated a solution to heat up average sized rooms up to 20 square meters (65 square feet) by 2-3 degrees Celsius, perhaps enough to remove a chill in the air. Each refill is 4 candles, has a life of 5 hours with a cost of around 10 cents. It’s available in a variety of colors from natural to colored and glazed.

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