Update on the Lowline, New York’s Underground Park

Since his last appearance at the PSFK Conference in 2013, Barasch and his team have been busy improving their technology and proving their ambitious project is feasible

  • June 3, 2015

One of New York’s most special features is without a doubt the Highline, the West Side’s 1.5 mile stretch of above-ground railroad repurposed as a wonderful public space. Dan Barasch, one of the speakers at our PSFK 2015 conference, was inspired by this space and wanted to emulate it on the opposite side of Manhattan: the Lower East side, one of the most densely inhabited sections of the city with practically no green space. And so the Lowline was incepted.

The Lowline is a highly ambitious project, like the Highline only more so, as it seeks to build the world’s first ever underground park right under Delancey street. To achieve this, Dan and the rest of his team are making use of, and in the process helping to develop, the sort of technology that could harvest natural sunlight from the surface, then concentrate, irrigate, and distribute it underground.

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