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Designing a Space for Your Identity and Happiness

Becky LaFranchi at PSFK2015 explains why there’s no space more central to our identity than our home

Becky LaFranchi, Communication and Interior Design Manager of IKEA, is responsible for making a better everyday life for people through space and design. At PSFK 2015, LaFranchi explains how and why our homes make us happier, and offers tips for designing a space that best represents your identity.

The ability to create happiness in your own space comes from a synergy of order, sense and identity. An orderly home creates room to partake in the rituals that we love; the five senses can connect us to our home on a visceral level; our individual fingerprint shows off and acknowledges our spirit.  Since our home is a sacred space for ourselves, our activities and our guests, these internal design elements combined will give us a greater sense of self.

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