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In-Store Technology Innovation Webinar

Experts explore topics such as frictionless retail, augmented reality and enhanced service experiences.


How retailers are leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience in-store.

Speakers Include:
Imogen Wethered, CEO and Founder at Qudini
Phillip Raub, CEO at Model No.
Trevor Sumner, CEO at Perch
Eric Mogil, Chief Growth Officer at Radar
Valerie Vacante, Director of Strategy – Product Experience & Innovation at Merkle
Scott Lachut, Partner, President Research & Strategy at PSFK
Lauren Lyons, Senior Strategist at PSFK
Piers Fawkes. PSFK


1. PSFK In-Store Tech Trends Presentation
Researchers present how AI, Data, Mobile, Biometrics, Automation and Interface technologies are being leveraged to guide shoppers through retail experiences.

2. In-Store Technology Panel
Digitally-adept consumers have been primed to expect personalization, convenience and control out of their shopping experiences regardless of where they take place. In the context of physical stores these expectations have traditionally been harder to deliver on but key investments in technology and data-backed infrastructure are closing that gap. This session will explore the technologies that can meaningfully elevate customer experience and boost service and operational excellence for retailers. Our discussion will highlight important trends related to AI, data, mobile, IoT and automation and what they mean for physical retail with best practices on implementation and measurement.

3. Sponsored Spotlight with Val Vacante of Merkle