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Julius Marchwicki, Ford: How Connected Cars Will Change The Future Of Driving

Julius Marchwicki of Ford discusses how the Sync AppLink technology will allow drivers to connect seamlessly with their automobiles.

Julius Marchwicki, product manager at Ford Motor Company, spoke at PSFK CONFERENCE 2013 about developing the Sync technology for the Ford automobile-to-user interface. The technology is designed to seamlessly integrate the personalized apps and settings already in a users smartphone with the vehicle's media interface. Currently, there are over 1 billion smartphones in use, which account for more than 55 billion apps downloaded. By 2015, another 1 billion smartphones will be in use. On top of this, 75% of smartphone users say that it is important to connect the device to their vehicle. Allowing users' smartphones to seamlessly connect to in-car technology helps bridge the gap between device ecosystems, and and helps personalize the overall automotive experience.

Ford is also working to become a developer-centric company, by offering the ability to create products and experiences that are unique for their customers and address the needs of the people using the application. By incorporating these into the Sync AppLink interface, these technologies can be used seamlessly and effectively in the car, hands-free and voice activated.

Marchwicki related the concept to a quote from Henry Ford, in which Ford said if he had asked his customers what they wanted next, they would have said a faster horse. In this way, developing the Sync AppLink platform creates a new experience for consumers, and brings in-vehicle technology up to speed with the rapidly evolving smartphone market.

Ford Motor Company

Image Credit – Catalina Kulczar