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Understanding Your Audience and the Content They Share

How fans are sharing and repurposing media to articulate their ideas to the world

Kenyatta Cheese, Creative Director of Everybody at Once, a consulting agency for audience development, helps brands across media, entertainment and sports understand how to capture an audience and inspire it to grow. At PSFK 2015, Cheese explains why and how people are using content to have a conversation with one another.

“In a networked environment, the audience has an audience,” Cheese begins. The idea that the audience who you’re talking to aren’t just your followers or your viewers, but the people they’re going to talk to in turn is central to the brand strategy.

In order to reach the largest amount of viewers and have the greatest impact, brands need to have a sound knowledge of who their fans are and the platforms where they operate. These people share their favorite moments, clips and brand stories to the people they’re connected to across the digital space, ultimately controlling the content created and deliverables.

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