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Daniel Lubetzky on Scaling Social Impact Through Business

The recent author discusses the methodology behind building a brand with social impact

Daniel Lubetzky celebrates 11 years of KIND with the release of his book “Do the KIND Thing,” a reflection of life and business lessons with social entrepreneurship embedded within its core. At PSFK 2015, Lubetzky sits down with PSFK's Scott Lachut to discuss challenging conventional wisdom, innovation and creative brainstorming, and scaling social impact through business.

Lubetzky’s business values originated at his previous company, PeaceWorks, which used business to bring together neighbors in conflict regions, such as facilitating trades between Israelis and Arabs. PeaceWorks used the power of economics to connect neighbors, shatter stereotypes and cement relationships. This strategic  way of thinking led to the KIND philosophy of “AND” – a philosophy to challenge conventional wisdom through the dual pursuit of objects that are in a fight for attention with one another.

“How can we think creatively to do both things at once? At KIND, to create products that are nutritious, healthful and delicious, and also convenient and wholesome requires you to think very critically about what underlying assumptions make you think you can only one thing or the other. Sometimes our brains train us to be very efficient with our answers, but it might not be the optimum answer for the long-term. When you think the most critically about every moment, that’s when you have the most value.”

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