Customers want to connect with the people behind a premium product or brand so they can understand the product better, argues Adam Pritzker of Assembled Brands



I think that the idea of luxury probably used to mean, or have a one to one relationship with status, which is why I think probably it’s a dirty word in a certain sense for maybe a younger generation.

I think that the idea of luxury has really transformed to a sense of discovery. I think of it like music. People really want to discover brands. They want to have a direct relationship with them. They’re much less interested. The consumer is in mass. They want a sense of intimacy.

Maybe they know the person making the product or they can connect with that, and the idea of refinement that it’s a very well thought out product.

I also think people care increasingly about those values discovery, intimacy and refinement in the context of the corporation that’s making them, or the startup that’s making them. That it embodies these kinds of values in the work culture of the place.

Filmed at PSFK’s CXI 2018 conference:

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