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NYC & The Future of Store Design – An Expert Discussion

In this session we will listen to retailers and design experts talk about the latest store experiences plus the key themes that are emerging in the market.


New York City could well be the most important retail market in the world. No other destination contains the volume of experimental, progressive and down-right proud store experiences.

Melissa Gonzalez, CEO & Founder at Lionesque Group
Robyn Novak, Director of Strategy & Development at AGAR
Sara Schiller, Co-Founder at Sloomoo Institute
Steve Dennis, President & Founder at SageBerry Consulting
Sanam Salek, Co-Founder at MA-MA
Albert Vita, Founder at Homebirds
Piers Fawkes, PSFK
Lauren Lyons, PSFK
Catherine Boardman, PSFK

1. Virtual Store Tour With PSFK: Midtown, Flatiron, Chelsea & Meatpacking
On this Virtual Store Tour of NYC, PSFK will lead you on a journey through New York City’s greatest shopping locations – Midtown Manhattan, Flatiron, Chelsea and the Meatpacking districts – showcasing retail innovation at its finest.

2. Expert Panel Discussion
Our expert speakers will look at how retailers are creating innovative omnichannel experiences; brick-and-mortar’s shift towards museumification; how brands are using smart assistance tools to provide expert service in real-time; the implementation of contextual content; and lastly, how retailers are shifting their messaging to include sustainable storytelling. Throughout the panels, attendees will gain insight from the diversity of approaches that are manifesting across New York City and the world, learning what’s next in the shopper experience.

3. Virtual Store Tour With PSFK: Soho, Noho & the American Dream Mall
PSFK researchers present an intimate and revealing tour of the most important retail destinations in the center of New York City and take a short virtual trip with us outside of the city for a tour of an entertainment-fueled retail experience.