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PSFK + MDC Speak On the CES 2015 Guide

PSFK and MDC Partners touch upon how they chose right discussions, panels, and companies for CES 2015 guide

As is often the case with the cutting-edge, taking in all that January's Consumer Electronics Show is expected to offer can make for a bit of sensory overload. Thankfully, PSFK and MDC Partners have pieced together a trends-led guide and day-by-day schedule for CES 2015 that siphons the onslaught into consumable form.

For those who haven't already thumbed through the guide, PSFK Founder & Editor-in-Chief Piers Fawkes and President of Global Digital Operations at MDC Partners Michael Bassik provide a brief snippet on what it entails.

As Bassik states resoundingly,

We really want to make sure that everyone gets the most of the experience. It can be overwhelming; there's so much to do and see. So making sure we understand the themes that are important, and how to actually experience those themes–going to the right discussions, the right panels, meeting with the right companies.

The full guide for CES 2015 is now available for download. Snag it, given that according to Bassik, “[CES 2015] is the conference that matters most. If you care about technology, and you care about media, there's no more important place to be.”