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Rachel Shechtman, STORY: Rethinking Brick And Mortar Retail

Rachel Shechtman, founder of Story talks about how the element of surprise and renewal is key in today's stores.

Speaking at PSFK CONFERENCE 2013, Rachel Shechtman, founder of STORY, laid out the fundamentals of her retail concept and gave an update on recent themes. Shechtman describes STORY as a 2,000 square foot space that has the point of view of a magazine, reinvents itself entirely every four to eight weeks like a gallery, and sells products like a store. This multi media concept combines curation and editorial content with traditional brick and mortar retail.

Recent iterations of the space have included Wellness, Color, Making Things, and most recently Art. Each “story” features a unique set of products focused around the subject, as well as experiential classes and tutorials held by experts. Overall, the concept offers a discovery platform, combining content, commerce and community, which allows consumers to uncover new and exciting products. As Shechtman says, just as you don't know what you will appear on the next month's cover of a magazine, you will have to wait and come in yourself to discover the next story.


Image Credit – Catalina Kulczar