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Retail Innovation Week 2021 : Next-Gen Digital Commerce (Day 1)

Join retail future research firm, PSFK, for a series of rapid fire talks with leaders from category winning brands, retailers, and the startups that are powering their retail and CX experiences.


Learn About:

– Personalization at Scale
– Seamless, Accurate, Checkout Experiences
– Fast, Flexible and Reliable Fulfillment

Tune in to hear from:
Ram Narayan Iyer, Worldwide Director of Digital Strategy and eCommerce at, Microsoft
Phillip Raub, Founder and Board Member at, b8ta
Ranjan Roy, VP of Strategy at, Adore Me
Megan Higgins, VP/GM eCommerce and Marketplaces at, Avalara
Coulter Lewis, Founder and CEO at, Sunday
Julie Bornstein, Founder and CEO at, THE YES
Dave Glaser, SVP of Product & Merchant Development at, Mastercard
Jason Williams, VP of Customer Technology at, Dick’s Sporting Goods
Shian-Li Tsang, Head of Retail Marketing-Americas at, LEGO
Ben Kaufman, Founder and CEO at, CAMP
Mike McCarron, VP of Sales at, Gladly
Scott Lachut, President of Research and Strategy at, PSFK

Session Overview

As consumer expectations for eCommerce experiences continue to rise, retailers are increasingly required to deliver next-level service on each individual customer’s preferred channel and supply ‘tailored to me’ experience each time. The result is a new retail reality that is digital-first, fluid and agile.

However, online-only selling comes with its own set of unique challenges for retailers looking to deliver excellent experiences: how to preserve the serendipity of in-real-life discovery and trial without the ability to touch products, how to provide real-human attention and assistance in a way that recreates the sales floor environment, and how to recreate the social aspects of in-person shopping.

In response, leading brands and marketplaces are leveraging technology like augmented and virtual reality, live-streaming and video capabilities, and social commerce integrations to build supportive, captivating and connected digital shopping experiences that not only include the best elements of IRL, but even surpass in-store journeys through their hyper-personalization, convenience and seamlessness.