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Retail Innovation Week : Winning in Digital Marketplaces (Day 4)

This digital marketplace conference session will help retail and brand execs understand how to optimize their digital marketing and selling strategies, to stand out and engage consumers within these virtual spaces.

During this two-hour virtual conference, the retail-futures research firm, PSFK, listen in on a series of talks with leaders from category winning brands, retailers and the startups that are powering their retail and CX experiences.

Day 4 of Retail Innovation Week 2021 is sponsored by Avalara, who provides tax automation technology for growing businesses.

Hear From:
George Trantas, Senior Director of Global Marketplaces at Avalara
Dale Volpe Co-Founder of FOX HOLT
Katy Rowley, Co-Founder of FOX HOLT
Scott Kelliher, Head of US Brand Advertising & Partnerships eBay Ads
Beth Furtado, Chief Strategy Officer at GS&MD
Piers Fawkes, Founder of PSFK
Scott Lachut, President of Research and Strategy at PSFK

Session Overview
Virtual tools and online stores have not only democratized the digital shopping process for consumers, but increased their expectations for simplicity, convenience, and personalization. As the online shopping landscape continues to evolve, digital marketplaces are becoming the first place many shoppers go for research, discovery and purchase. At the most basic level, these one-stop-shops offer ease, convenience and competitive pricing but when done well, can also provide inspiration, education and personalization.

A compelling combination for customers and an increasingly important consideration for brands and sellers of any size but not without a unique set of challenges. To maximize the benefits of these platforms, businesses must determine how marketplaces fit into their broader retail strategy before choosing where, what and how they’d like to sell

Join PSFK researchers and pioneers from leading platforms and brands to hear why marketplaces should be a core aspect of a successful omnichannel approach and how to create the winning formula for gaining an audience, leveraging insights and generating sales.