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Store Tour: Continente Labs Autonomous Store In Lisbon with the Sensei team

In this video, the Sensei tech team walk Piers Fawkes through Continent Labs, the first autonomous store in Europe.

Around the globe, retailers are exploring new real-world formats that provide ecommerce-level interaction with the shopper and they also remove friction from the store experience.

Continente, the largest food retailer in Portugal, part of Sonae group, opened Continente Labs, its first autonomous store powered by Sensei autonomous technology solution. Located in central Lisbon, it opened to the public on the May 26 2021. Shoppers will be able to experience a frictionless and seamless shopping experience. Customers simply download the Continente Labs App, which acts as a digital payment method. The app generates a QR code that enables users to enter the store, pick their items and leave, without the need to scan products or stay in lines waiting to pay. The digital receipt is received in the app almost immediately after the purchase. It’s a fast and efficient process from entering the store to leaving, with the typical constraints associated with queues and physical payments completely removed.

Sensei is the leading European provider for autonomous stores and the first tech company to open a fully autonomous store in Europe with a retail partner. Through an integrated system of cameras, sensors and AI algorithms, Sensei provides a secure and reliable AI-powered end-to-end solution to capture a wealth of store insights and provide a smooth, frictionless checkout shopping experience.