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Store Tour: Taco Bells New Digital Only Experience In NYC

There are already 60 Taco Bell restaurants and more than 20 Cantinas in New York City but the brand is trialing a digital-only experience in the heart of Times Square.


Opened on April 14 2021 the restaurant concept offers a number of experiences:

???? Digital-Only Ordering: 10 kiosks replace traditional analog menu boards, giving guests the opportunity to take ordering into their own hands.

???? Order Ahead Pickup Cubbies: A separate double-door entrance allows customers to skip the traditional restaurant experience entirely and head directly to the pick up area. Guests can quickly enter their order number on the touchscreen and grab their meal .

???? Local Products, Local merch: To celebrate the iconic Times Square location, Taco Bell is introducing a new menu item, the Bell Apple Freeze. Also, customers will be able to purchase their very own Taco Bell merchandise, including sauce packet keychains, pin sets and pens, available to order directly via the digital kiosks.

Taco Bell, Times Sq, New York City