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The Meta-Mall and the Future of Retail in 2042 with PSFK and expert speakers

The PSFK team has a vision for the future... welcome to the Meta Mall.

The worlds of social media and gaming have merged and reached a mainstream audience. Going online to socialize and shop comes close to replicating the feeling of meeting up with friends or walking into a store. Digital goods have real value on their own and many have twins in the physical world. In this video, we hear from:

Melissa Gonzalez, Founder of Lionesque Group, an Experiential Retail and Retail Strategy agency –

Amanda Howe, an Associate Partner in the Consumer Products and Customer Strategy and Marketing group at Bain & Company –…

Jamin Warren, Co-Founder of gaming insights and strategy agency Two Five Six –…

Antonio Camara, Founder of Aromni, which works with retailers to develop customer experiences in the metaverse –

Amir Konigsberg, Founding Director of HourOne, which helps retailers deliver compelling customer experience at their digital storefronts with tailored, avatar-led videos –…