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The Omni-Consumer and the Future of Retail in 2042 with PSFK and expert speakers

The PSFK team has a vision for the future... the Omni-Consumer

Every consumer is the CEO and creative director of their own brand. They will reach audiences through social media to market and sell – on behalf of other brands, through resale and secondhand and products of their own design. They will also tap into digital platforms to gain access to operational resources like capital, suppliers and bespoke production. More at

Albert Saniger, Founder and CEO of the AI-powered universal shopping solution, Nate –…

Tom Goodwin, 4x “#1 Global Voice in Marketing” on Linkedin, Founder of innovation consultancy All We Have Is Now, and futurist author –

Hillary Littleton, a Senior Growth Marketer at 3D AI company Fit:Match –…

Eric Mogil, Chief Growth Officer of next-generation retail tech and computer vision inventory management company RADAR –

Natasha Jakubowski, Managing Partner and Chief Innovation Officer at Anomaly, an “Ad Age Agency of the Year” company –…