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The On-Demand Brand and the Future of Retail in 2042 with PSFK and expert speakers

The PSFK team has a vision for the future... The On-Demand Brand

Companies will fully integrate themselves into the lives of their customers and realize the potential of any time and anywhere availability. Real-time insight into purchasing behaviors on an individual, neighborhood and city level and access to local production facilities will ensure popular items are always in stock where they’re needed. Learn more at

Stephanie Benedetto, Founder of the innovative, sustainable online marketplace Queen of Raw –…

Helena Price-Hambrecht, Co-Founder and CEO of DTC aperitif brand Haus –

Nicholas Browe, Head Product Marketing Manager for 3D Imaging company Fyusion –

Phillip Raub, Founder and CEO of on-demand, sustainable custom furnishings company Model No.

Christian Gheorghe, CEO and Co-Founder of Resonance Companies, the first creation-to-customer platform for sustainable fashion –…