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Hackweek Events Fuel Greater Creativity in the Workspace

Why time away from the daily grind is actually good for your company

At PSFK 2015, Tim Rodgers of rehabstudio, a creative technology studio, introduces +Hackweek and why the monthly event helps inspire better work.  In this video, you’ll learn key take-aways for a successful Hackathon, along will some of the humorous, quirky and worthwhile projects that have been produced as a result of these short-term creative collaborations.

Rodgers begins by mentioning a problem that has affected most creatives—there is an idea in the back of your notebook and chances are it will sit there until someone else mirrors it in real-life. Due to client deadlines, laziness, or pressing schedules, we fail to act upon our potentially great ideas whether it be for personal pleasure or a work project.

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