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Yves Béhar, FuseProject: Connecting To Consumers Through Ideas

Yves Béhar share with PSFK Conference SF how marketing has lost its effectiveness in this hyper-connected world.

What is more important to a consumer: the cult of the brand or the product experience? At our recent PSFK CONFERENCE SAN FRANCISCO, Yves Béhar, founder of design agency fuseproject, discussed with PSFK’s Piers Fawkes, how the ability to interact with other consumers online has given the regular buyer increased insight into a company’s practices and knowledge of what they offer. He tells us how marketing has lost its effectiveness in this hyper-connected world, and the key to success in building a brand is product design and consumer experience.

Key points Yves emphasized were:

  • What shapes brands today is the core: The product and the experience, not the advertising
  • Design needs to define what makes sense to a brand now and in three years to support a long-term relationship
  • Long-term involvement and investment with a brand breeds the best results
  • The best way to connect with consumers is through ideas and values