Augmented Reality Built On Real-Time Video Recognition

Qualcomm has just released a software kit that will allow developers to build special AR applications on Android phones

Kyle Studstill
Kyle Studstill on October 5, 2010.

Mobile hardware/software developer Qualcomm has just released a software kit that will allow developers to build augmented reality applications on Android phones. Though a number of explorations in augmented reality have surfaced over the last year (ranging from gimmicky to moderately useful), what stands out about this release is that where AR applications have to date relied on either QR-code or GPS functionality, Qualcomm’s platform is entirely based on real-time video recognition. This allows for individual objects to be interpreted by devices, permitting for not only a more advanced form of the traditional “scan the piece of paper to play a 3D/AR game” application as in the above image (note the lack of QR code), but also more useful niche applications; Qualcomm notes that someone unfamiliar with installing car electronics could potentially raise their phone to the dashboard in question and have arrows and instructions drawn over top of specific buttons.

Watch a video explanation below:

Qualcomm Augmented Reality Software Development Kit

[via LBSZone]

img via Wall Street Journal

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