LCD Clock Powered By Flies

LCD Clock Powered By Flies

Robotics designers James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau continue to develop machines powered by biomechanical digestive systems.

Kyle Studstill

Earlier last year, PSFK covered the emergence of machines powered by bio-mechanical digestion systems, featuring the Ecobot II robot that was sustained by consuming flies in “Robot Has A Human-Like Digestive System.” Continuing their nature-inspired work, the same UK-based designers James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau have now developed an LCD clock powered by the chemical reactions generated by breaking down a fly’s soft tissues. The clock features a long strip of flypaper that feeds into a microbial fuel cell, which operates by capturing electrons from bacteria that break down biological tissue. Ultimately the team’s goal is to create a foundation for machines that can potentially power themselves through more natural resources, without relying on electrical power.

Watch a video explanation below:


[via @helvetica]