Wearable Device Immerses Users In Digitally Enhanced, Game-Like Environment [Future Of Gaming]

French designer Maxence Parache’s has created a wearable device that layers a digital experience on top of the physical world.

In our research for the Future Of Gaming report, the PSFK consulting team explored the ways developers are making their games compelling and accessible to a wider audience. One example of innovation in Game Functionality and Systems is French designer Maxence Parache’s wearable device that creates a digital experience on top of the physical world. To create the system, Parache mounted the motion sensing module from a Microsoft Kinect onto a wearable harness, embedded high- definition video glasses into a helmet and outfitted a glove with force sensors. When a user wears the contraption, an alternative version of reality is portrayed, but the glove, equipped with an Arduino circuit board, allows for navigation in the real world. The user is therefore able to physically interact with their actual surroundings, while perceiving a different version of the environment.

Maxence Parache

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