LG’s Voice-Controlled Televisions Can Tweet For You & Find Movie Recommendations

New technology makes it possible for your home entertainment system to understand spoken commands.

LG has created the world’s first television to implement Nuance’s Dragon TV system. The technology is able to to understand natural voice commands for “content discovery and social media engagement.” Essentially, the Smart TV can perform certain tasks when being spoken to, such as, “Find comedies featuring Steve Martin,” or “Watch Glee on DVR,” and even “Post on Facebook that I’m watching Iron Man.” Users can talk directly into the Magic Remote to control the TV.

In addition to the voice-recognition technology, the Magic Remote is also equipped with motion-gesture detection that allows the TV to be controlled using certain hand and arm gestures.

LG’s new line of Cinema 3D Smart TVs that comes with the Magic Remote is expected to go on sale sometime this quarter.