Never Get Caught Without A Swimsuit With This Hybrid Flip-Flop/Speedo

BBH Creative Director designs the ultimate accessory for Cannes.

Spontaneous beach trips are fun, but not having a swimsuit can really put a damper on the day. Have no fear, BBH Creative Director Douglas Hamilton has created an ingenious solution- the ThingThong, flip-flop thongs that double as a bathing suit thong.

Clever pun aside, the ThingThong really does cover your, um, thing. The elastic straps on the¬†flip-flops¬†stretch wide enough to cover your derriere, creating the ‘thong’ portion of the bathing suit, while the rubber soles of the flip-flops create the front portion to cover your ‘thing.’

Not for the faint of heart, but a must-have accessory for anyone attending Cannes. And as an extra bonus, you’ll be able to help out a friend in need of a swimsuit– since flip-flops come in sets of twos, you can sport the ThingThong together!

Douglas Hamilton