Rachel Pincus

Rachel Pincus

Design & Architecture july 22, 2016

Giant Wall Display Moves With Passersby In D.C. Office Building

A historic space is honored with immersive, high-tech lobby walls

Technology july 6, 2016

Real Leather Grown In A Lab Could Soon Be In Your Closet

A startup has devised a way to create leather by ordering cells to produce collagen

Retail july 1, 2016

Voice-Activated Wearable Could Improve Communication At 70 Stores

The Container Store is betting on a new device to help employees talk with each other and deliver relevant information to customers

Cities june 28, 2016

Street Furniture Gets A New Lease On Life As Art in Poland

Temporary urban "hacks" are restoring life to quiet areas

Advertising june 27, 2016

This Vegetarian Burger Bleeds Like Beef, Using Plant Ingredients

Impossible Foods uses innovative ingredients to replicate the sensations of eating a real hamburger

Design & Architecture may 10, 2016

Electricity-Free Fridge Takes Inspiration From The Animal Kingdom

A new way of keeping food cool has been designed taking cues from elephants, coral and more

Technology may 6, 2016

'Pay As You Waste’ System Helps South Korea Cut Down On Discarded Food

Could this level of tech-assisted waste consciousness work elsewhere?

Technology may 6, 2016

Helpful Router Unlocks The Mysteries Of Internet Connectivity

This friendly router tells you what's up with your connection

Technology may 5, 2016

Plugin Shames You Into Ditching Your Facebook Habit

Focusbook aims to make your social media use quick and purposeful

Travel may 3, 2016

How Does Your City's Subway Stack Up To Others?

A newly devised 'transit score' gives cities a meaningful way to compete

Technology may 2, 2016

How Scent Can Become Its Own Form Of Communication

A new scent app promises personalized and networked olfactory experiences

Design & Architecture april 28, 2016

How Designers Are Rethinking The Public Restroom

Sleek modern architecture comes to a rural Japanese town in a surprising form

Automotive april 25, 2016

Your Bike Tires May Be Able To Pump Themselves As You Ride

PumpTire uses the rhythmic compression of the rotating wheel to maintain pressure

Cities april 21, 2016

Solar Street Furniture Shines On The Champs-Elysees

Does this clover-like lamppost fit in with Paris' stony sensibilities?


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