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USA december 2, 2016

Twitter-Powered Metronome Measures The Tempo Of Austin

The installation is designed to swing faster as more tweet come in

Gaming & Play december 1, 2016

This Videogame's Difficulty Comes From The Controller

Incontroller is an experimental game where players have to master a complicated series of moving switches

Technology november 28, 2016

Game Teaches Children How To Empathize

Me is a new storytelling app that helps kids work out their feelings of both love and fear

Technology november 23, 2016

Lollipop Controllers Make Playing Video Games Even Sweeter

NYU student Nicole He has developed a way to use touch technology and people's natural electric current to play games

Food november 22, 2016

Stories Wrapped Around Wine Bottles Let You Read And Sip

An Italian winery paired up with a product design agency to create wine that comes with short stories

Mobile november 18, 2016

This App Lets You Use Your Phone As A Drum Kit

Freedrum is an app that uses a pair of sensors attached to drumsticks to let musicians practice anytime, anywhere

Travel november 17, 2016

Hotel In Vietnam Is Built From Recycled Shipping Containers

TAK Architects are promoting community and co-living through this innovative backpacker hostel design

Home november 15, 2016

Coffee Table Creates Art Sculptures From Sand

A one-of-a-kind design creates sand art creations right before your eyes

Arts & Culture november 11, 2016

Tablet Uploads Digital Sketches In Real Time

The Slate from iSKN gives artists the feeling of hand-drawn pieces with the convenience of digital manipulation

Social Media november 10, 2016

Maroon 5 Fans Reveal Secrets On Virtual Confession Wall

Fans will submit their darkest secrets to the band's Tumblr page to win concert tickets and their stories will be displayed on a wall in LA

[Inspiration] Music video follows a stationary bike being ridden in London
Arts & Culture november 4, 2016

Kissing Couples Light Up Paris For A Romantic Art Installation

Artist Julien Nonnon projected huge images of affection across the city of love

Arts & Culture november 3, 2016

Origami Lamps Take The Form Of Wild Animals

No skills required, anyone can create these cute wildlife paper lights

Design & Architecture november 2, 2016

Pentagram Designer Makes A Composition Notebook For The 21st Century

Aron Fay has redesigned the classic journal with the finest printing and binding


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