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Home june 13, 2016

Phone-Powered Lamp Is Lit Entirely By Your Device’s LED

Lampless lamp uses your phone as a source of light and can be controlled by hand gestures

Design & Architecture may 20, 2016

The Only Way To Turn On This Lamp Is By Turning Off Your Phone

Tranquillo offers an interruption-free mode by turning on when users put their phones down

Design & Architecture april 4, 2016

Lamp Uses Natural Lighting Rhythms To Promote Wellness

A lamp designed to work with your body clock to help you feel awake during the day

Design & Architecture march 31, 2016

Terrarium Doubles As a Lamp Where Plants Can Thrive Without Water

Design team created an ecosystem in which plants can grow for indefinite amount of time

Technology march 2, 2016

A Chinese Company Courts the Smart Home Market

Smart lighting company sees itself as low-cost alternative to Philips Hue

Work january 8, 2016

Interactive Lamp Shivers, Puffs or Deflates Based On Its Surroundings

Sudden sounds or commotion make these lamps respond accordingly

Mobile december 24, 2015

Mood Lighting Takes a Step In the Right Direction

As bright as four competitor smart bulbs, this lamp responds to lighting scenarios dictated by finger swipes

Home november 25, 2014

New Lamp Inspired by Water Wells Blends Antique with Modern

The Well Lamp gets wound like a well to brighten or dim

Sustainability october 17, 2014

Lighting/Audio Device Mixes Beauty and Function

'Most emotional' is the phrase used by creators to describe the new Smart Lamp Speaker

Work october 13, 2014

Hanging Lamp Glows Blue Thanks to Bioluminescent Bacteria

Ambio draws on the power of the ocean to create a natural light source

Design & Architecture september 16, 2014

Glasshouse Lamp Sprouting Fresh Herbs for the Kitchen

Sklenik or The Glasshouse features plants in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way

Design & Architecture september 8, 2014

Table Lamp Manufactured by Norwegian Prison Inmates

Norway's unique approach to rehabilitation inspires beautiful design

Innovation june 13, 2014

Lightweight Desk Lamp Is Powered By A Mac Charger

The Coil Lamp uses Apple's first generation magsafe charger to power up.

Mobile may 19, 2014

Flexible Light Helps People Find Keys And Wallet In Their Giant Bags [Pics]

This geometric, soft light hits the sweet spot between functionality and whimsy.


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