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Advertising may 2, 2016

Mattel Rolls Out A Line Of Super Hero Toys For Girls

Move over Barbie, Mattel's DC Super Hero Girls are here

Innovation february 2, 2016

Amazon and Mattel Are Bringing American Girl to Life

Live-action specials engage kids with an enriched experience

Home october 14, 2015

Mattel Consults Feminists and Academics for Superhero Dolls

Designed strong and athletic, Wonder Woman and Batgirl are among a batch of DC Super Hero Girls designed to do the saving

Technology february 23, 2015

Internet of Barbie: Two-Way Toy Conversations are Here

Childhood dreams come true with tech-enabled toy doll capable of real-time conversation

Work february 13, 2015

Google Cardboard and Mattel Collaborate on Modern View-Master

A digital take on a childhood classic: new toy makes VR-viewing accessible for children

Retail june 3, 2014

Mattel-Amazon Partnership Blurs Boundary Between Retail & Entertainment

The toy company and retailer have partnered to create a content hub for cartoons and related toys.

Mobile april 2, 2014

What Would A Hot Wheels Track Look Like If Major Tech Companies Built One?

PSFK plays with a Hot Wheels track builder kits to give their inner DIY spirit some exercise. [Sponsored Content]

Design & Architecture december 31, 2013

Social Media Petition Calls For A Plus-Size Barbie

Could a more realistic Barbie create a more positive body image for some girls?

Retail october 1, 2013

Touch-Sensitive Dress Adds High-Tech Flair To Barbie’s Wardrobe [Pics]

The popular doll gets a wearable technology update with an LED infused LBD.

Technology april 28, 2013

PSFK’S Top Five Stories Of The Week

A life-sized, knitted boyfriend and partner-controlled vibrating underwear. We bring you the best in art, tech and business.

Technology february 18, 2013

Barbie AR Mirror Lets Girls Apply Digital Makeup

The Digital Makeover Mirror pairs an iPad with a vanity mirror, enabling users to try on lipstick and eye shadow without making a mess.

Innovation november 7, 2012

Wal-Mart Introduces Virtual Pop-Up Toy Store

The underground store in Toronto, co-branded with Mattel, will make holiday shopping easier for tech-savvy commuters.

Home august 15, 2012

Mattel Commissions First Ever ‘Drag Queen’ Barbie

Designer house The Blonds unveil the first ever cross-dressing Barbie, just in time for Christmas.

Technology may 12, 2012

Paralyzed Patient Moves Robot With Their Mind

Scientists in Switzerland have demonstrated a robot that can be controlled by a quadriplegic wearing an EEG cap fitted with electrodes.


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