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[News] Apple is showing interest in developing a self-driving car of their own
Work Yesterday

Hyatt Honors Travelers With A 3D-Printed Statue Contest

The hospitality wanted to celebrate the people who go everywhere for work and make sure their tasks were not forgotten

Syndicated Yesterday

High-Tech Replica Brings Prehistoric Art Within Reach

A £48m recreation of the Lascaux Caves in France will let visitors experience the unique place for the first time in decades

[Insight] What are the trends driving Europe’s new capital of cool, Lisbon?
[News] GE executive: organizations must prepare for the “Emergent Era”
Home Yesterday

Sharing Service Connects Directors With Film Locations

Finding affordable places to film can be difficult, so GETset was designed to help creators easily find good locations

Technology december 6, 2016

Mercedes Reveals Dazzle-Free LED Headlights

Digital Light offers great precision with a resolution of over two million pixels

[Insight] Google’s Alphabet Sidewalk Labs is looking to build its own internet city
[News] New pedestrian walkway could move up to 7,000 commuters per hour
[Insight] How Facebook is used to spread fake news in Myanmar
Retail december 5, 2016

United Airlines Launches An Updated Business Class Program

The new Polaris product prioritizes customer service and updated modern amenities

Design & Architecture december 5, 2016

Video Explores Complex Museum Architecture

A mini video gives a quick overview of the most beautiful cultural buildings built

Advertising december 5, 2016

Acura Cockpit Envisions The Future Of Autonomous Travel

The car brand has built a proof that offers a sneak peek of the self-driving vehicle experience

AI december 5, 2016

How Artificial Intelligence Is Enabling Anytime Shopping & On-Demand Support

Retailers are leveraging advanced technology to relieve associates from mundane tasks, while better assisting customers


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