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Advertising march 27, 2015

Upcycled MacBook Sleeve Made from Coffee Sack

Presso Design adds Italian leather to coffee sacks for a rustic but luxurious laptop carrier

Design january 27, 2015

80,000 Airline Seat Covers Reach Their Final Handbag Destination

Southwest partners with Looptworks to upcycle seat covers into beautiful (non-travel) bags

Mobile november 17, 2014

UpWise Recycles Used Electronics, Gives Discounts on New Ones

Upcycle your old electronics and save some money on mobile tech

Design september 24, 2014

Worn-Out Books Given Second Life as Plant Boxes

Growingbooks upcycles old tomes that would otherwise become trash into DIY-succulent planters

Design july 3, 2014

Dual Purpose Designs Baking Sustainability Into Product Packaging

Transformative designs are bringing cost-saving, sustainable solutions to the world of packaging.

Culture june 26, 2014

Discarded Plastic Bottles Turned Into Super Strength Rope

A YouTube user uploaded a video showing a new way of recycling the empty containers.

Home june 25, 2014

Discarded Smartphones Upcycled Into Digital Forest Watchdogs

The solar-powered listening posts detect illegal loggers and poachers in remote areas.

Design june 20, 2014

Upcycled Refrigerators Create Water Out Of Air

A professor & student team at Nottingham Trent University found a DIY way to turn old appliances into potentially life-saving machines.

Culture may 7, 2014

Houses For The Homeless Created From Discarded Refrigerators & BBQs

Colorful mobile homes made from shipping pallets and refrigerator doors.

Cities december 4, 2013

Free, Upcycled Furniture Offers An Alternative To Black Friday [Pics]

Gregoire Abrial collected discarded furniture, transformed them, and offered them up gratis.

Design november 25, 2013

Paper Bags Transform Into Durable Clothing Hangers [Video]

Hangbag transforms into hangers for your items, reducing waste and promoting upcycling.

Design november 5, 2013

Recycling Process Turns Leftover Paint Into An Exquisite Design Material [Pics]

Tel Aviv product designer creates 2D and 3D pieces out of dumpster-bound polyurethane.

Culture october 25, 2013

Beanbag Chairs Offer New Home For Discarded Bottle Caps [Pics]

KaCaMa’s PP Capsule is a flexible chair stuffed with thousands of upcycled plastic caps wrapped in eco-friendly fabrics.

Design august 1, 2013

Salvaged Fire Station Hoses Turned Into High-End Furniture And Accessories [Pics]

Upcycled life saving devices make for durable chairs, bags, belts and iPhone cases.


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