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Experiential Marketing september 21, 2016

Wilson Brothers Elevate The Factory Tour To An Immersive New Level

Shinola's new video crafts a compelling brand story told through comedy, a workplace and its people

Technology september 13, 2016

A Watch That Is Still ‘Smart’ Without A Screen

The device uses vibrating technology to relay information, potentially cultivating a branch of tech that is less invasive

[News] Apple announces iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2
Retail august 30, 2016

Kate Spade’s New Fitness Trackers Push Wearable Tech Into High Fashion

The retailer joins other designers in bringing tech-assisted lifestyles to the luxury clothing market

Technology august 30, 2016

Garmin’s New Smartwatch Is Challenging The Luxury Market

The brand adds a premium version of its popular multi-sport trainer to its accessories collection

Beauty august 25, 2016

Design Your Own Custom Watch Faces

Customize your wrist device with Garmin's new app that lets you display personalized images or patterns

Health august 5, 2016

How Philips Is Entering The IoT Health Market

The tech company has introduced a connected suite of devices designed to help people lead healthier lives

Education july 19, 2016

A Watch That Can Actually Teach Your Kids About Good Habits

The icon-based device compels children to learn the importance of time, independence and scheduling

Design & Architecture april 11, 2016

Classic Pocket Watch Design Updated For The iPhone Generation

A watch inspired by revival of the three-piece and a reflection on the changing ways of telling time

Design & Architecture march 28, 2016

Watch Turns Telling Time into an Interactive Experience

This watch's sculptured design adds depth to a simple timepiece

Fashion march 25, 2016

This Watch Tells You the Time That Matters Most: Now

This is neither a timepiece nor a smartwatch, it's a record of renewed remembrance

A look at how a Swiss watch brand maintains its culture (NYT)
Innovation march 17, 2016

Eat a Bento Meal on the Run from Within a Watch

A playful watch prototype lets you run from meeting to meeting while eating

Work february 26, 2016

Put An Elegant Calendar On Your Wrist and Everything Falls in Place

How a timepiece is redefining our squeezed-for-time schedules


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