From the folks that brought us the copy machine and the laser printer comes the next advancement in paper technology.  Xerox has created a type of paper (dubbed “Erasable Paper“) that slowly fades back to its original state over the course of 24 hours.  While this may seem prohibitively inconvenient, Xerox claims that 40% of all office print outs are discarded the same day.

Last Friday, during WIRED’s NextFest, Xerox presented this technology to the public with a simple exhibit featuring the paper at different stages of fading.  An especially notable aspect of this process is that it completely eliminates the transportation and reconditioning aspect of recycling.  Instead of going through the lengthy processing cycle, this paper can be reprinted on directly.  This automatic reconditioning is understandably done through some very advanced technology that’s anything but understandable, we’ll let Xerox explain the rest:

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